Benjamin Berkoukchi 

ITRA: 739                                    

Nationality: French

Profession: Sports coach


3rd place - Departemental Challenge Trail 06 in 2019

2nd place/820 runners at Cannes

2nd place - Urban Trail 2020 (15k)

1st place - La Colle sur loup Village Trail 2021 (8k)

1st place - Duo trail Isola (9,5k) 2020

1st place - Speed Limaces (9,5k) 2018


   I started running 6 years ago, after playing football during 10 years. At the beginning, I did shorts races, until 10 kilometers, mainly on road, and some years later, I decided to compete in trail running competitions. The longest race I was participating was about 57 kms and 3900 meters of elevation gain, it was fun but I clearly prefer short distances like 15-20 kms.