Donatello Rota

ITRA: 804

Nationality: Italy

Profession: Trail Runner, Skyrunning Instructor


  • 1st, Ibiza Ultra, 2020
  • 3rd, Les Templiers, 2019
  • 1st, Sacred Forests


Living in a small village in the pre-Alps called San Pellegrino Terme, I practiced a lot of sports, like soccer, skiing, bike, climbing, kayaking, and diving. The instant I knew trail running, I fell in love with it. My life is built around trail running. I love practicing and coaching.

Now, I am a certified skyrunning coach (from ISF - International Skyrunning Federation), a certified Personal Trainer (from Coni - Italian Olympic Federation), and a semi-professional athlete.

 Best results:

1st Ibiza 100km - 7th Transgrancanaria - 15th Skyrunning World Champ 2021 - 1st Trail Sacred Forests - 1st Istria 100 miles Yellow - 1st DoppiaW Ultra - 1st Ferriere Trail Festival - 1st Valdambra Ultra Trail – 3rd Les Templiers 50k