Franco Colle

ITRA: 868                                   

Nationality: Italy

Profession: Trail Runner


2013-1st at Gran Trail Courmayeur
2015-1st at Skyrunner World Series The Rut 50K
2018-1st at Monte Rosa Skymarathon with William Boffelli
2020-Record for Gressoney la Trinite–Capanna Margherita and return, 4h30'45"
2021-1st at Tor des Geants (third victory and new record, 66h43'57")


Franco Colle, a specialist in ultra trails and a long-distance runner, was born and raised in Gressoney-Saint-Jean, at the foot of Monte Rosa in 1978. Ever since Franco unlocked the charm of race, he became addicted to it. Long-distance running not only requires physical strength, but the strength of your spirit is crucial too. Race is not merely a game. Race requires your full development. You need an athletic body to keep going. You need a mathematic brain to come up with a solution to complex problems.


After years of years racing, Franco acquired experience and mastered managing fatigue. Even when times that he tells himself that it is the last time he does this, as times fly by, the countdown of the race starts ringing in his ears again. Then every emotion, every face full of enthusiasm, and every moment flashes back to him, and the next thing he knows, he runs, and he breaks through his limits.


When it comes to training, he never tries it rashly. He believes that with consistent work, competition after competition, race after race. You could feel the vibe in the air. At the primary stage of his training, he would just focus on 330 kilometers. Then, in mid-August, he would train from dawn till dusk, all by himself, on the trails of the giants. The secret of his persistence is the support from his family, friends, and followers. He feels the villages. He unleashes his bondage. He loves the journey, the landscapes, and the people around him. To him, those days of training are the best of the year. He would be so concentrated on his training that he isolated himself from everything and everyone. When the race begins, all the effort, tears, and sweat are thrown away, for he is overwhelmed with excitement and enjoyment.