Chang Dawa Sherpa

Alpine climber, Entrepreneur
Date of Birth
Jul. 30, 1982
With Kailas since
The youngest climber till 2019 to summit the 14 highest peaks.

  • GuinnessHe and his brother, Mingma Sherpa, attained the Guinness world record of "World's First Two Brothers" to successfully summit all 14 8000'ers.
  • 14x 8000' ersSherpa brothers used supplementary oxygen only on 4 highest 8000ers among all 14. 14x 8000’ers
  • RescueIn 2023, Dawa conducted a rescue operation and successfully brought Anurag back safely from a deep crevasse, along with 6 Sherpas and 2 foreigners.
  • EntrepreneurSherpa brothers now operate the expedition company named Seven Summits Treks, which organizes climbs and treks throughout Nepal, Pakistan, and China.