Tor des Géants® is the first and only race to combine long distance with the individual style of runners: the organisation does not impose any compulsory stages, and the winner will be the runner who completes the race in the shortest time, making his or her own decisions on when and how long to stop for rest and refreshment.
The Tor des Géants® is the first race of this kind to cover an entire region, running along its spectacular paths at the foot of the highest Four-Thousanders in the Alps and through the Gran Paradiso Natural Park and the Mont Avic Regional Park. All of these particular features help make this such a unique, inimitable race.
Location: Aosta Valley, Italy
Race Date: September
Distances: 30km, 130km, 330km,450km
Elevation gain: 2300D+(30km), 12000D+(130km), 24000D+(330km),  32000D+(450km)

Guangzhou 100 Ultra Trail Race

Guangzhou 100 is China's first 100km ultra trail race that takes place in the center of a world-class city. With an elevation gain of 4360m, the 100km route covers major mountains and hiking trails in the center of Guangzhou including Baiyun Mountain, Maofeng Mountain, and Fenghuang Mountain, which shows the beauty of this ecological city to runners.

Location: Guangzhou, China
Race Date: January
Distances: 30km, 60km, 100km
Elevation gain: 4360m (100km)
ITRA points: 4 points (100km)





 Kailas® Mogan Ultra Trail Running Race

Mogan Ultra is the counterpart of HK100 in mainland China, which is jointly organized by the HK100 team and Kailas. This race is held in the center of Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou—Moganshan Deqing County International Resort. Enjoying convenient transportation, beautiful envi-ronment and rich historical background, it has become one of the most worth-expecting events. In 2019, more than 5,000 runners took part in this race.

Location: Mt. Mogan, Zhejiang province, China

Race Date: October

Distances: 10km, 30km, 50km, 70km, 100km

Elevation gain: 5498m (100km)

ITRA points: 5 points (100km)



Kailas Ultra Tour Mt. Siguniang

UTMS is one of the highest mountain ultra running races in the world. It takes place in Mt. Siguniang scenic area, Sichuan, western China, at an average altitude of 4200m. The course has a total length of over 100km and an elevation gain of over 5136m. The complexity of its terrain and weather has made it become one of the most challenging trail race in China.

Location: Mt. Siguniang, Sichuan province, China

Race Date: November

Distances: 35km, 50km, 75km, 100km

Elevation gain: 5136m (100km)

ITRA points: 4 points (100km)



Vibram® HK100 Ultra Trail Race

Hong Kong 100 is an ultra endurance race that takes place in Hong Kong. It largely follows Hong Kong's longest major hiking route, the famous Maclehose Trail, and covers some of the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong, including beaches, nature trails, steep hills and cityscape views. It has an elevation gain of over 5300m and the cut-off time is 32 hours. 

Location: Hong Kong

Race Date: January

Distances: 56km (half), 103km (full)

Elevation gain: 5300m (full)

ITRA points: 5 points (full)