Comet Dual-layer Air Mattress S

$174.00 USD
SKU: KC120002,10075

Color: Cyan


●Made of 30D ultralight fabric, the lightweight and small packed-volume mat is portable
●Technological design having individual (but interconnected) air sacs delivers superior comfort and insulation
●Dual-layer inner design guarantees the mat is available even the bottom layer is punctured
●One-direction air valve allows you quickly inflate and deflate the camping mat
●Small packed volume, easy to carry
●TPU technology makes the mat flatter
●A repair kit included

●Materials: 30D polyester
●Dimensions: 120 x 55 x 5.5 cm
●Size: S
●Net Weight: 370 g
●Packed Size: 8 x 26 cm (Diameter x Height)