Plates Belay Station

$50.00 USD
SKU: EA203,20014

Type: Double Ring

Double Ring

Color: Silver


The Plates Belay Station is composed of two plates, two expansion bolts, a linking chain and a ring, well-suited for use in multi-pitch climbing, caving, canyoning, etc. Use in pairs for safety.


  • Double expansion bolt enhances stability, suitable for a wide range of rocks
  • Longer linking chain reduces weight
  • SUS316 stainless steel: high-quality and corrosion-resistant
  • Notice: Please read the instruction manual carefully before use. The bolt must be drilled into the solid rock or wall with an electric drill or a hand drill.


  • Dimensions:
Chain length: 330 mm
Bolt: M10 x 90 mm
Ring: thickness: 10 mm, outer dia.: 60 mm, inner dia.: 40 mm
  • Weight: 547 g
  • Load Capacity: 25 kN
  • Recommended Use: rock climbing/mountaineering/caving/fire/rescue/industry