Plates Belay Station

$56.00 USD
SKU: KE532003,GY02

Type: Belay Station

Belay Station

Color: Silver


Plates Belay Station is composed of 2 plates and 2 bolts, connected by a linking chain and a ring. It can be used to set descend anchors and belay station. You can use the plate and ring for ropes exchange, belay or descending.


  • Double-ring bolt for better lock, suitable for different kinds of rock
  • Long steel chain to reduce weight
  • SUS316B stainless steel with excellent corrosion-resistance
  • Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the product. The plate and the bolt must be drilled into the solid rock or wall with an electric drill or a hand drill.



  • Dimensions:
Chain Length: 330 mm, Bolt: M10X90 mm 
Ring: 10 mm dia, outer dia: 60 mm, inner dia: 40 mm
  • Weight: 606 g
  • Load Capacity: 25 kN
  • Recommended Use: rock climbing/mountaineering/caving/fire/rescue/industry