Kailas YangMoLong 10000mmH2O Waterproof Hardshell Jacket with Hood Men

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Color: Blue

Flame Red

Size: S


●Made with Fitertec technology fabric and fully seam-taped construction, this jacket enhances wind and water resistance, preventing rainwater from seeping in. Equipped with over 12mm sealing tape, it provides superior waterproofing performance.
●Using unique bonded pattern technology, this jacket is highly resistant to abrasions and tears even in challenging terrains. Compared to regular plain weave fabric, it has superior tear strength and abrasion resistance.
●The extended zipper design under the armpits promotes air circulation and breathability, making it perfect for high-intensity activities.
●With a high collar, this jacket provides excellent wind protection and neck coverage.
●Two options for attaching trekking poles offer simple and fast attachment for added convenience.
●The two-dimensional adjustable hood, hook-and-loop adjustable cuffs, and adjustable hem provide all-around windproofing, offering protection against all elements.
●Tailored with climbing movements in mind, this jacket has a longer back hem and a shorter front hem, offering comprehensive protection and increased coverage area. It prevents the back from getting wet during bending movements.
●The high-capacity zippered pockets are conveniently located for backpack storage and accessibility.

●Waterproof rating: 10000mmH20
●Breathability rating: 8000g/m²/24h
●Recommended Use:Outdoor, camping, hiking, and trekking

YangMoLong Peak: Standing at an altitude of 6060 meters, is located in the northwestern part of Dangba Township, Batang County. It is a virgin peak and a typical technical mountain peak. All routes to the peak consist of mixed ice, snow, and rock sections, which require a certain level of climbing skills. Due to the rock and ice falls, unreliable routes, and high possibility of avalanches, it is one of the most dangerous peaks on Earth. Its north and south walls are extremely steep; the west ridge and the summit of Dangjiezhengla are connected by a snow and ice ridge; while no other climbers have ever explored the east face of YangMoLong.

On October 20th, 2011 at 3:31 PM, a small mountaineering team consisting of four men made an unprecedented ascent up the northern ridge of the main peak of the Shaluli Mountain Range in Batang County, Sichuan Province, China- the elusive and unclimbed YangMoLong Peak! The four men who achieved the first ascent of Yaomolong Peak were no other than the KAILAS UNCLIMBED PEAK PROJECT

-supported climbing team members Liu Yong, Zeng Shan (JON), and Chinese mountaineer Su Rongqin, along with American high-altitude photographer Tim Bolter.