R-alf Rescue Auto Lock Hauler Pulley System

$2,697.00 USD
SKU: EP402,18000

Color: Orange


The R-ALF has an over-speed brake built in so that it will automatically lock and hold when a fall occurs. The load rated Becket eye can be used in combination with prussic pulleys to set up a 3:1 and 5:1 hauling system and whichever combination is used, if the user loses control of the rope the over-speed brake will automatically engage.


  • 2-way auto-locking design: the pulley will lock in either direction if the user loses control of the rope
  • 11 mm high-tensile static rope allows easy manipulation
  • Sheave mounted on ball bearings for higher efficiency
  • Quick setup of 5:1 hauling system

This system contains:

  • R-ALF 2-way auto-locking hauler (1 pcs),
  • double pulley (2 pcs), triple-lock oval carabiner (2 pcs),
  • M8 Maillon carabiner (1 pcs),
  • M10 Maillon carabiner (1 pcs),
  • 11 mm x 61 m static rope (1 pcs),
  • 80 cm sling (1 pcs),
  • 25L stash sack (1 pcs)



  • Certifications: CE0120 EN
  • Work load: 250 kg (551lb)
  • Max. Haul Height: 10 m
  • Weight: 1248 g (44 oz)
  • Recommended Use: fire/rescue/industry