Tine Cuder

Father, Farmer, Climber, Ice climber, Drytooler, Mountain rescuer
Bovec, Slovenia
With Kailas since

Tine Cuder, a prominent rock climber and President of the Mountain Rescue Society of Bovec, was born in 1979 and remains rooted in the mountainous town of Bovec, Slovenia. His childhood experiences, tending sheep and goats on Mangart Pasture, forged a deep bond with the rocky and mountinous world.

Inspired by his father's alpine pursuits, Cuder embarked on his climbing journey in 1997, focusing on Mt. Mangart and Zapotok's walls.

With a dedication to rescue operations, he joined the Mountain Rescue Society in 2008 and presently serves as its president, leveraging his alpine expertise to aid those in mountain crises.

To further broaden his skills, Cuder also completed training as a flying rescuer, joining the Brnik helicopter rescue team.

Professionally, he manages a farm, specializing in cheese production. Despite his farming commitments, Cuder has triumphed in 600 ascents, favoring winter alpine climbing, ice, and mixed routes in his remarkable climbing career.

Tine Cuder

Prominent rock climber.

President of the Mountain Rescue Society of Bovec.

Member of the helicopter rescue team of Brnik.

Important Ascents in Slovenia:

  • 1 Loška stena: Mali Koritniški Medved; V+/6; M6+, 1100 m;
  • 2 Bovški Gamsovec: Prve na pozabiš nikoli; VI/5; M7, 450m – First Ascent
  • 3 Rombon: Omotca; V/5; M6+; 600 m – 1. Repeat, 1. Free Repeat
  • 4 Prišna glava: Bogovi pekla: V/5; M5+; 700m- First Ascent
  • 5Jalovec: Fancu; IV+/ M5+; 1000m- 1. Repeat
  • 6 Veliki Stador(Krn): Pastirska smer; IV/4; M6+; 500m- First Ascent
  • 7 Triglav: Skalaška+ Čopov steber: VI+/ V-VI ; 1000m- Winter Repeat
  • 8 Zadnja Trenta: Borderline Personality disorder: Wi5+; M8 ;150m- First Ascent
Important Ascents in Italy

  • 1 Valbruna: Panta Rei; Wi6;M8 60m- First Ascent
  • 2 Val Raccolana: Hysteria; Wi6+;M7 135m- First Ascent
  • 3 Lavina(Mangrt): Bržinc. Wi5+; 150m- First Ascent
  • 4 Forato( Prestreljenik): Zajeda zelenih polic: IV/5; M ; 380m – First Winter Repeat
Important Ascents by Drytooling

  • 1 Trieste: Grotta santa Caterina- D12; 25m DTS
  • 2 Austria: Zirknitz grotte: Dracula D10/11 on sight DTS
  • 3 Slovenia: Begunje: Rainbow Therapy: D11+
Other Important Ascents

  • Poland Tatre - Bula: Globalne- ocieplenie; II/M6; 140 m
  • Poland Tatre - Kociol Kazalnicy: Orzel z empiru; IV/M7-; 200 m
  • France Chamonix: Rebu_at-Teray; V/5; M6; 500 m
  • FranceGrand Jorasses: Croz spur; VI/5; M5+; 1100 m
  • CH Matterhorn: Schmid route ED; VI/4+; M; 1100 m
  • CH Eiger: Classic route; VI/5; M; 1800m
  • Austria Mallnitz-Seebachtal: Thors Hammer: Wi6; M7 165m