Kailas Stick Carabiner Fork Head & Rope Head 8cm & Double-threaded Screw Replacement

$11.00 USD$29.00 USD
SKU: EE242

Color: Silver(Carabiner Fork Head)

Silver(Carabiner Fork Head)
Silver(Rope Head 8cm)
Blue(Double-threaded Screw)
$12.00 USD

Kailas Clip-up EVO Carabiner Fork Head

●Clip carabiner into a bolt
●For HMS auto-lock carabiner, Oval auto-lock carabiner,D-shape auto-lock carabiner, etc


Kailas Clip-up EVO Carabiner Fork Head

●Via this stick clip, ropes can go over something, such as a pole, branch, beam, etc., that you are not able to reach

Diameter: 80mm


Kailas Clip-up EVO Double-threaded Screw

●The patented Double-threaded Screw Mechanism would double the length of the pole, extending it up to 500cm (Patent No.:2021223821713)