Sherpa Strap

$24.00 USD
SKU: KE830032,BK00

Color: Black


This Kailas Sherpa Strap is small, high-strength, portable and widely used all around the world.


  • Made of high strength nylon, and its load bearing is 800kg.
  • 20mm in width (30mm for the middle part, which increases the comfort of forehead in actual use)
  • Used for carrying the wounded in emergency, carrying heavy things and strapping luggage
  • Tips: To build a carry system to carry an injured person, rescuer can find a stout tree branch, stick or trekking pole and tie both ends with clove hitch to make a simple glider. Adjust the length and put the wider part of the band at the forehead for comfort. Use hands to stabilize the injured when moving.



  • Length: 290cm
  • Load Bearing: 800kg
  • Weight: 88g