Mikhail Fomin

Business Analyst in IT Industry, Alpine Climber
Nikolaev, Ukraine

Born in 1981 in Nikolaev, Ukraine, Mikhail got his first taste of climbing-related activities at the age of 3, when his parents took to him hiking and to watch climbing competitions.

Mikhail got his first mountaineering experience with his father in the Crimean mountains, then continued to climb in the Caucasus, Pamir, and Tien-Shan.

After making the first ascent of the south pillar of Ushba South in 2011, Mikhail went on to make the first ascent of the northwest pillar of Langshisha Ri with Nikita Balabanov and Slava Polezhaiko in 2014.

(Ref: www.pioletsdor.net)

Piolet d'Or Winner

Teaming up with Nikita Balabanov and Viacheslav Polezhaiko, Mikhail have made the first ascent of Southeast Ridge of Annapurna III (7,555 meters), one of the Himalaya’s most challenging unclimbed features.

To honor this significant achievement, they were awarded the Piolet d'Or Special Jury Award in 2022.

(Pic from Ukrainian Annapurna III team)

Multiple Piolet d'Or Winner (2022, 2016)

  • 2021 Annapurna South East ridge (7555m), first ascent, ED+, 3000m, Nepal, 2021 - Piolet d'Or Special Jury Award 2022
  • 2018 Ushba South (4710m), South pillar, new route, ED+, 1800m, Georgia, 2011 -Broad peak (8047m), classic route
  • 2015 Talung (7348m) North West spur, first ascent, ED+, 1700m, Nepal, 2015 - Piolet d'Or 2016
  • 2014 Langshisa Ri (6427m) North West face, first ascent, ED, 1800m, Nepal