Trail Runner
With Kailas since
The 1st Thai Female Finisher of TDS-NATTY FROM Kailas Team Thailand
How do you think of the race you did?

This TDS is 145 km, elevation gain, wow,9100m!

Mountains, uphill, very tough!

Like every mountain you see, you will see runner like small one lining up to the top,and then i was looking, really? i have to go there?

I just did finish the other one, and then you have to go there again,something like that

How did you feel when you were crossing the finish line?

Unbelievable you know!

Usually, like before time, you only see from Facebook to see the finish line and then i was just wow, it was so cool, a lot of people around and then i applaud.

And then today, when i was running in, it's me, it's me it's going to be me it's really excited, I was really excited

Could you introduce the gear you used during the race?

I like fuga pro 4 very much,backpack i got the thirteen lit Fuga.

Because it got order, the mandatory gear inside it

Hydration pack and clothing are very important for trail running. Functional, breathable, comfortable cool design should come together

Who asked what i want to do first thing,i want to sleep and maybe before sleep drink something cold

KAILAS Equipment Used at The 2022 UTMB


  • 2022 25th female place at DOI INTHANON THAILAND BY UTMB - Summit 160
  • 2022 2th female place at Big Blue Mae Salong Trail - MST110
  • 2022 24th female place at TORX - TOR130 - Tot Dret(2017,2022)
  • 2022 2nd female place at Big Blue Ultra Trail Phuket - UTPK105
  • 2021 1st female place at Big Blue Ultra Trail Phuket
  • 2021 2nd female place at Cuesta X Trail - CXT-55
  • 2020 2nd female place at THAILAND BY UTMB - Inthanon 5
  • 2020 1st female place at UTDM100 - UTDM100
  • 2019 3rd female place at Tanaosri Trail - Tanaosri Trail