Gear Review—Kailas Women's 9a Classic Climbing Pants by Gaal Mara

Gear Review—Kailas Women's 9a Classic Climbing Pants by Gaal Mara

For those who prefer short summaries I’ll get right to the point. If you are looking for a stylish, flexible and durablepants for sport climbing and bouldering you should definitely purchase a Kailas 9a pants right now.

If you need more detailed info check my long review.

I was really excited when Kailas notified me to be part of the gear tester group and I will have chance to test the Kailas Women’s 9a Classic pants.

When the pants arrived and I unpacked it my excitement was further intensified. Unfortunately 2 days after I got the pants I hurt my hip flexor and I could hardly bend my leg so I had to forgot climbing for weeks and I had to postpone the testing of the pants. I can only blame myself because the main reason of the injury was I usually skipped stretching after training (especially after running) and I have inelastic muscles.Learn from my mistake and never neglect stretching! Recovery is really important to staying injury free.

Finally after all I have only a few opportunities to test the 9a pants but in such a short time I was able to discover the pros and cons.


During climbing or bouldering it can happen you have to place your foot near your hips or use a heelhook requires acrobatic flexibility, so a good climbing pants have some stretch. Kailas 9a pants made of 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex material so it offers superb flexibility and feel really unrestrictive.

I tried this high range of motion in bouldering and in sport climbing also and I never realisedany restrict in high-step and because of the diamond cut crotch and articulated knees the pants adapt to every movement.

The description about product details not mentioned the pants are water repellent but I wore it after a rain when undergrowth was wet and I can realize some water resistance. Maybe this attribution will disappear over time if I wash them several times. Nevertheless the fabric is very quick-drying which means if you catch a rain you don’t have to worry about how long it will take to the pants to be dry again. It won't be last for hours.

I found the pants a little bit warm in the climbing gym when the temperature goes up but despite this it can be a 3-season-pants for outdoors because of them breathability and quick-drying fabric.


The Kailas 9a pants has a slim cut but without being skin-tight. Until I tried these pants I thought slim fit is not my style. I have „chicken legs” (it is a Hungarian expression for thin legs J) so normally I prefer a little bit looser fit pants but surprisingly in these pants I didn’t feel at all it unfits me.

The pants come with a high waist which provides a great comfort in harness. For bouldering I prefer low waist so I was very happy when I realised the improved elastic waistband with the velcro because it is perfect to fold back. Another little thing I like about the foldable waist is the „Made to climb„ motto on the black part becomes visible and makes it looks cooler than on the previous versions.

There's no drawcord at the ankle which is unusual for me from a climbing pants but the rolling up system works great and the buttons are easy to handle because of the elastic loop. One criticism, at least on me, is the buttons that can placed higher and maybe on the inner side as well to hold up the rolled pant legs stronger.

I also like the larger than average size of the front pockets because sometimes I have to take my company mobile with me for climbing and that mobile is one of those big smartphones which does not compatible with the little pockets on the women's pants. It was a pleasant surprise that I could easily put it into the pocket of the 9a pants.


It seems logical thick pants will last longer, and thin pants will be more comfortable in warm weather. Depends on this statement if I choose a light pants for summertime I have to compromise and probably I have to buy a new pants for the next season. Is it true or false? Definitely false.

As I mentioned before I have just a few opportunities to test the 9a pants so I couldn’t be fully convinced about the durability. But in this point I’m so fortunate that I can rely on my boyfriend’s experiences. He won a Kailas 9a pants on the competition almost 2 years ago (we have met each other because of that pants but it is another story J) and since that he wore it from spring to autumn and in gym and in crags too. Based on his experiences I can say Kailas 9a pants combined thick and thin pants mayor attributions and besides it breathable soft fabric it is also very durable and last you for years.


To tell you the truth - as a girl - style also counts so I appreciate the vibrant color and the small details also. Because of this I was a little bit disappointed when I noticed the original colorful eye pattern was changed to a climbing shoe but in fact it is not the most important aspect when I choose a climbing pants.

The bright yellow color looks greats on photos and I didn’t realised the pants can get dirty extremely easily. After climbing I had sitting and laying on the ground and in the grass too and I can swept the dust and chalk easily from them.

Kailas offers a wide range of colors so if you’re not keen on yellow color you can choose from more than 10 other colors. (My secret favorites are Dark Gray Blue and Purple Gray.)

The brush holder for me was not particularly interesting because I have never used it before and I think I will not use it in the future either. In any case it can be a good news for those who use this function that my bigger climbing brush fits also into the loop.




As for sizing, the 9a pants does not fit true to size. When I have picked the size "S" I used the size chart and based on the parameters I’d ordered size S (usually I am "S" or "XS"). Thanks to the stretchy fabric I can easily get them on but first time I found it too tight. For second time I found it better and finally, as I got used to the slim fit style, it was comfortable during all day wearing too.

Based on this if you prefer the pants you wear is not tight at all I advise you to get them one size bigger than your regular pant size and they’ll fit better.


$109.00 price means high price category but considering it’s durability and versatility it’s worth the money.


Fabric/flexibility: 5

Comfort/fit: 4

Durability: 5

Versatility: 5

Breathability: 5

Look: 5

Sizing: 4

Price: 4

Rate: 4.5/5 (because of the sizing issues and the high price)


Best for: gym, sport climbing or bouldering, everyday use

Features: high waist for greater comfort in a harness, integrated toothbrush holder, quick drying, special rolling upsystem

Pros: stylish, light, flexible, durable, brightly colored (for great photos)

Cons: pricy, does not fit true to size, not great for multi-pitch routes due to lack of practical pockets and not water resistant


Overall impression of the Kailas 9a pants

However, the 9a pants slim fit is not my style after testing it on crags and in boulder gym I have to say the 9a pants impressed me with its flexibility, comfort and versatility. So, whether you’re new in climbing and thinking of purchase a pants especially for this sport or have been climbing for years and looking for a versatile and durable pants, I recommend you to put Kailas 9a pants to your shopping list.


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