Gear Review—Kailas Mutant Backpack 45L by Thomas Baubeau

Gear Review—Kailas Mutant Backpack 45L by Thomas Baubeau

I did not have the opportunity to push the test of the Kailas Mutant backpack as far as I would have wanted, but still, I had enough time hiking and going rock climbing with it to know it’s a really good backpack and I will keep using it for many years !

To begin with, the backpack seems very simple. One big compartment, two top pockets, one outter pocket, one belt pocket and that's it. No slings hanging everywhere as you can see on other products on the market, no zip everywhere. Simplicity. But versality too. You discover right away that you can hold your ice axes, your skis or snowboard, your hiking poles, even your helmet (shame you have to add some gear to tie the helmet, and that it’s not included, it would have been perfect !), … And you have several loops on the back, and even a gear sling on the belt.

I can’t wait to use it for real !

I used it mostly for day-long hikes, or approach walks to the crag, full of climbing gear.

You can easily fit an 80 meters rope with all the gear you need in the main compartment. Leaving the top one for your personal stuff (phone, id, money, extra battery, sunglasses, …), placing a bottle of water on the extra pocket on the back. It will still be confortable to walk with ! But the shoulder straps are very tight, I am not sure it’s adapted to every morphology. Small people may not find it as comfortable as I did. The straps are adjustable, but not on a big range. And it would have been a good thing to make the belt height adjustable too.

But once everything is settled, it’s like you’re carrying nothing on your back, you just don’t feel it, it’s amazing, I would have never guessed by looking at it !

Here are the few pros/cons I noticed while using it :


Versatility (for skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, … and lot of gear storage)

Really big space in the main compartment, and very easy to fill, the opening is really well conceived, despite its apparent fragility.  

Simple to use. Even for gear tying.

The whole thing seems very solid, especially the material.


The backside seems a little bit hard, but you forgot about it once you’re carrying it ! Shoulder straps not comfortable for everyone, considering the morphology of the people.

Despite the simplicity of the backpack is one of its main attribute, I regret the lack of small, secondary storage. Maybe on the shoulder strap, especially. It’s compensated by the many loops on the back, but it’s not the same use.

As I said, it would have been a good thing to have everything included to tie a helmet !

The gear sling is not very handy, but still useful. It’s a good idea, you should have add more !

The last one is not very important I found that the backpack get really easily dirty, compared to other backpacks. I will try to wash it now, I hope it’s also easily washable, I will let you know guys !!


To conclude with, the mutant is an excellent backpack when you have to carry a lot of gear, especially sizeable one. With it’s big opening, it’s a piece of cake to store everything you need!

I didn’t test it in snowy or rainy conditions, but it seems to be quite waterproof. The design is a success and the flashy orange will sure not be the only colour available, but I kinda like flashy colours so I am cool with it !

Thanks again Kailas for this amazing gear test !!


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