Водонепроницаемые альпинистские ботинки Kailas 8000m Everest

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Цвет: Пламя Красное

Пламя Красное

Ботинки для альпинизма Эверест, разработанные для восхождений на вершины высотой 8000 м, чрезвычайно теплые и удобные без ущерба для веса.

Customer Reviews

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These boots deliver. I'm a 37.5 in Sportiva and I went down a half size per the size guide and they fit perfect. Not only are these well and intelligently built, they're incredibly comfortable and extremely cozy. They climb ice better than you'd expect (because of course they're somewhat bulky, that's expected), but really it's not any more awkward than climbing in G2s, so ultimately the tradeoff for warm feet vs dexterity just isn't as bad as you'd think. Similarly they hike normal and technical terrain better than you'd expect. Literally the only thing I would change is I wish the inner boot had a boa mounted externally instead of a quicklace, both because it would be nice to adjust on the fly and because you can get them tighter when desired. These are also extremely easy to get in and out of (moreso than any mid or heavyweight boot I've ever had), in addition to the obvious high altitude usage case, I also wear these for ice climbing on frigid days and especially for mixed climbing to belay in when I'm going to change into my competition boots for the climb and they are fabulous for that, like casually sliding your foot into a slipper. The international ship was no problem, from order to in hand was less than two weeks.