Kailas 25kN Climbing Adujustable Nylon Daisy Chain Sling with 12 Loops

$57.00 USD
SKU: ER505,18000

Color: Orange


Size: 120CM/48in

●Daisy chain for anchor connection and rappelling in mountaineering and climbing
●Can be used to connect quickdraws, provide cushioning, and carry equipment
●Innovative woven process reduces its weight and increases its tensile strength
●15mm-wide high-strength Dyneema fiber and high-strength nylon make it strong, lightweight, small and hydrophobic, providing good performance in mountaineering and ice climbing
●The total load capacity is 25kN (each loop is rated to 4kN), eliminating the failure problem of traditional daisy chains
●Color coding for easy identification
●Lightweight, soft, and durable webbing rings without stitching for ease of use
Patent Number: 2022110823300
Certifications: CE2008 EN566

●Length: 120cm (12 loops)
●Load Capacity: 25kN (each loop is 4kN)
●Materials: Dyneema fiber, high-strength nylon
●Weight: 44g