Kailas Alopias II Belay Device Rock Climbing

$71.00 USD
SKU: EB104,12009

Color: Red

Alopias belay device features multiple operation modes. Its double V-shaped grooves design provides strong braking power and ensures smooth glide. This device is specifically designed to protect and assist climbers during outdoor activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing, and ice climbing.
●Hot-forged aluminum alloy construction with windows reduces weight
●Double V-shaped grooves increase friction, enhancing safety when used in ice climbing or when working with thinner ropes
● The large rounded opening of the rope groove protects the rope from abrasion
● The anchor connection hole can be secured with a main lock to prevent accidental release
● The release hole is used to disengage the upper protective lock mode and can accommodate a small lock nose for easy operation
●Normal mode can be used for belay and rappel
●Protection mode can protect 1 or 2 seconding climbers and the device can automatically stop the rope when the climber falls off
●For both single and double ropes use
●Certifications: EN15151-2

●Recommended Use: rock climbing/ice climbing/mountaineering
●Materials: Aluminum alloy
●Dimensions: 93X45X30mm
●Weight: 81g
●Suitable for 7.7 - 11 mm diameter ropes