Kailas Fuga Air 7 Ⅳ Trail Running Vest Pack 7L Women's

$157.00 USD
SKU: KA2454007,11464

Color: Green


Size: XS(A-B)


Specially designed for women, this pack will fix the barycenter on your upper torso, then distribute weight evenly, therefore, reducing the burden on your hips and legs, keeping you in dynamic balance as running.

●Weighs only 180g(S), perfect for trail running, road running, marathon and lightweight trekking
●ADF (All-round Dial Fit) adjustment system that features a dial, a lace and fixed lace guides provides quick, all-round and precise adjustment
●BI-FIX system prevents water in soft flasks from sloshing when they are half full
●Multiple compartments give large capacity for mandatory equipment and keep your pack well-organized
●Ergonomic functional areas for maximum comfort (loading area, breathable area, stretchy area)
●Multi-layer storage system at back (breathable and stretchy mesh also keeps your items stable)
●2 ways to attach your trekking poles
●90% highly breathable mesh fabric for optimized ventilation
●Enforcement at the force-bearing point and full cotton threads on easy-to-wear places upgrade durability
●Reflective printings for night visibility
●Zipper pockets keep your valuables secured
●2 TPU 500ml soft flasks with 360° revolving valve (each flask weighs 38g)
●Mesh fabric with Polygiene treatment inhibits the growth of microbes and reduces odor
●An eco-friendly garbage drawstring bag to keep your bag clean


Stable Fit System 
      General trail running packs are designed based on male models, resulting in an inadequate fit for females. Female runners experience excessive shaking and discomfort while running, which negatively impacts their movements and overall performance.
      Research has revealed that during high-intensity running, women's breasts can experience displacement ranging from 4 to 10 cm.Calculating based on an average stride length of 60 cm, this means that over a distance of 30 kilometers, the movement trajectory of women's breasts can reach up to 2000 meters. Once ligament damage occurs, leading to breast sagging or looseness, it becomes challenging to restore the previous curvature of the breasts.

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