A New Premier Partnership Agreement with the Chinese Brand has been Signed

After two years of work and fruitful collaboration, the relationship between TORX® and KAILAS, Chinese leading brand in the field of trail running, mountaineering, rock climbing and other outdoor sports clothing and equipment, takes a step further.

This is the groundbreaking birth of “TORX® with KAILAS”, the Premier Partnership between KAILAS and TORX®. Over the next five years, these two global brands will synergize their expertise and unique attributes to align the Aosta Valley event more closely with the evolving demands of the trail running world.

“Our collaboration with KAILAS has strengthened through this time. This new agreement will unite for the next years TORX® and a company which shares with us the same love for mountain and passion for trail running”, explained Alessandra Nicoletti and Paolo Griselli, President and Vice President of VDA Trailers. “We were in Guangzhou in the past days, and we have witnessed in person their enthusiasm for this new adventure that we will join together. KAILAS will be, for TORX® and Aosta Valley, a great showcase in the Asian world. On the other hand, TORX® will be the most important vehicle for KAILAS to introduce their philosophy in the Western world”. Stated by KAILAS, "Since our collaboration in 2022, KAILAS is honored to upgrade the partnership to become the first Chinese brand to provide professional trail running gear for top international ultra-long-distance endurance races. We look forward to running alongside runners globally in the Alps, embarking on an extraordinary, ultimate, and experiential journey of giants.”


Established in 2003, the brand KAILAS derives its name from the sacred Tibetan mountain, KAILASH, and has established a robust presence both in China and worldwide. Its visibility greatly increased also thanks to the collaboration with VDA Trailers. Renowned for innovative equipment and approach, KAILAS products have clinched prestigious awards such as the ISPO Award, Europe Outdoor Industry Award, and Asia Outdoor Industry Award. The FUGA trail running series, comprising EX, PRO, and DU shoes, stands out for its extraordinary performance, earning favor among professional athletes participating in ultra-trail running races. Specifically designed with features that align seamlessly with the Tor des Géants route, the FUGA series enhances athletes' capabilities and contributes to their better results.


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