Star Product 丨 KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants

1. KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_Main

What’s 9a?

Rock climbing at the 9a level is at the extreme of human capability. Therefore, KAILAS named the pants 9a to inspire KAILAS to be as professional as “9a finisher”, then to manufacture every product with professionalism.

The craftsmanship of KAILAS 9a pants is also at the extreme of design and manufacturing prowess. We are confident that KAILAS 9a pants will be the perfect fit on your journey towards being the best climber you wish to become.

2. KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants

3. KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants


1.  Articulated Design

Articulated design on the sides allows unrestricted mobility and delivers a flattering fit.
4. KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_Articulated Design
2.  Two-piece Yoke

The innovative two-piece yoke delivers a flattering fit.

5. KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_Two-piece Yoke

3.  Gusseted Crotch

The diamond-shaped crotch improves mobility and makes it easier to do big moves.

6. KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_Gusseted Crotch

 4.  Smart-made Fabric

7. KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_Smart-made Fabric

 1111.  KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_Fabric_LIGHTWEIGHT & WEAR-RESISTANT


Thanks to its special structure and yarn components, the fabric provides excellent wear resistance without compromise on weight.

12.  KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_Fabric_STRETCH


Premium stretchy fibers improve the elongation of the fabric by up to 50%.



When some liquids come in contact with the surface of this pants, they would form themselves into droplets quickly and slide off, minimizing discomfort caused by sweating and preventing stains, light rain.

 14.  KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_Fabric_SOFT & CRISP


The fabric is soft yet crisp, delivering excellent comfort without sacrificing style.

15.  KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_Fabric_WRINKLE-FREE & NON-IRON


It is highly wrinkle-free, easy-to-clean, and non-iron 


Also, there are some practical designs on KAILAS 9a rock climbing pants.

8. KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_details 

Last but not least, KAILAS 9a rock climbing pants are built for your various sports needs, such as rock climbing, dry-tooling, trekking, traveling, daily wear, etc.

9. KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_Dry-tooling

 10. KAILAS 9A Rock Climbing Pants_trekking 

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