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KAILAS FUGA EX series, which is tailored for ultra runs, has launched its second generation in late 2021. Maintaining the excellent qualities of its first generation, FUGA EX 2 keeps delivering professional performance on trails.

 1. FUGA-EX2-trail running shoes

Let’s have a closer look at KAILAS FUGA EX 2


1.  Vibram Megagrip Outsole

Compared with regular rubber outsoles, Vibram Megagrip Outsole provides stronger grip on even a steeper slope.

Vibram Megagrip Outsole is also an all-rounder.

On both dry, wet, and mixed terrains, like craggy mountains, forest trails, gritty soil, etc., it can offer an incompatible combination of grip and durability.

2. FUGA-EX2-trail running shoes-Vibram Megagrip Outsole


2.  Unique Lugs

Inspired by the off-road vehicle, KAILAS Team has re-designed the lugs and divided the outsole into three areas, Anti-sideslip area, Accelerating area, Braking area.

4mm lugs not only provide aggressive propulsion but also improve the decelerating ability of FUGA EX 2.

3. FUGA-EX2-trail running shoes-4mm Unique Lugs


3.  Thicker ECCEVAI Midsole

Ultra runs would continue to deplete the power of runner’s foot and knee, resulting in maybe swollen feet, numb heels or knee discomfort, etc.

With thicker and more responsive ECCEVAI midsole, KAILAS FUGA EX 2 will bring a lasting cushioning effect.

In addition, the ECCEVAI midsole is much lighter than traditional EVA material. It can propel runners persistently, ideal for ultra-long runs

 4. FUGA-EX2-trail running shoes-Thicker ECCEVAI Midsole


4.  Updated AWS System

Ergonomically designed and independently developed by KAILAS, AWS 3.0 is a two-section tightening system.

Being different from its predecessor, AWS (Adjust Whole Sole) System 3.0 has one more foot-holder buckle.

The front buckle helps to avoid toe hurt on a downhill and the second buckle provides stronger wrapping and stability.

5. FUGA-EX2-trail running shoes-Updated AWS System


5.  Further Upgrade

 6. FUGA-EX2-trail running shoes-Further Upgrade

6.  Anatomy of FUGA EX 2

7. FUGA-EX2-trail running shoes-Anatomy of FUGA EX 2


7.  FUGA Family

Apart from the FUGA EX series, there are also FUGA Pro, FUGA ATHLETE, FUGA FLYTHORN, etc. Different series have their own features.

What's suitable is the best! Therefore, please choose the best one for you!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by

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