Kailas Booth at UTMB 2021

Kailas Booth at UTMB 2021

2020 is a challenging year for trail running races around the year. The UTMB 2020 race was been canceled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Fortunately, the UTMB 2021 took place successfully, and thousands of elite runners from all over the world came here to enjoy the race together.

The 2021 UTMB race took place from 23rd to 29th, August. Kailas was proud to be present at UTMB Exhibition Booth No. 22 in Chamonix from the 23rd to 27th August. 

Visitors can check out our latest trail running products and models at our booth and here is some gear you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Kailas Fuga Pro 3 Trail Running Shoes
  2. Kailas Fuga EX Trail Running Shoes
  3. Kaila Elite Trail Running Shoes
  4. Fuga Air II Hydration Vest Pack 5/8L


Kailas Fuga Pro 3 Trail Running Shoes

Fuga Pro 3 is an updated model of our iconic Fuga Pro, which was the winner of ISPO Award 2019 and was worn by Scotty Hawker during UTMB, the third placer in the UTMB category in 2019. At UTMB 2021, Scotty won second place in the CCC race wearing Fuga Pro 3.

The 2021 CCC top three men: Scotty Hawker (left). Photo by UTMB

Fuga Pro 3 is an all-rounder that is lightweight, all-terrain, speedy and comfortable, suitable for long-distance racing. Its Vibram Megarip Litebase outsole provides unparalleled grip on wet and dry surfaces, and is slimmer and lighter without compromise on performance. Its Eccevai dual-density midsole provides ample cushioning while maintaining a high level of stability. Shop here

Kailas Fuga EX Trail Running Shoes

Fuga EX is also called Endurance Expert, a well-cushioned and comfortable shoe specially designed for ultra runs. It has been favored by many top runners ever since it was launched. Among them is Martin Perrier, who won 40th place in the UTMB race this year wearing Fuga EX in the second half of the race.

Compared with Fuga Pro 3, it has a 0.6 cm thicker Eccvai midsole, which provides much more rebound and cushion for extra long trips. It features a Vibram Megagrip outsole, which offers exceptionally strong grip on all kinds of terrain. Shop here


Kailas Elite Trail Running Shoes

As its name implies, this shoe is designed for elite runners. A full-length carbon fiber plate is embedded in the midsole to boost you constantly. PEBA is also used in its midsole. It is lighter, more bouncy and returns more energy than traditional EVA materials. This shoe is a model for now and will be launched next year.

Kailas Fuga Air II Hydration Vest Pack 5/8L

Fuga Air II is a minimalist, efficient and lightweight solution for trail runners of all levels. It features an innovative ADF (All-round Dial Fit) chest adjustment system, which contains a dial, lace and lace guide to provide a snug fit and reduce bouncing. It has over 12 pockets to satisfy different storage needs from daily training to an ultra run. Shop here

Apart from them, we have plenty of trail running gear worth a try. Comment below to tell us which you are most interested in! 




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