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Kailas Mystery III Lightweight Waterproof Trekking Backpack 40+2L

$214.00 USD
“Mystery”- profound and subtle truthRecommended Use: One-day trekking●EASE Lightweight 3D Cushioning System1. An effective air layer is formed to wick away sweat and moisture2. Ergonomic shoulder straps for better body...

Kailas 3-4 person Pyramid Tent With floor for Camping

$400.00 USD
●Double-wall structure provides excellent windproof, waterproof performance and avoids condensation●3-pole construction with KAILAS patent clips for easy set-up●Collapsible canopy + door curtain structure, spacious activity space●Spacious vestibule allows easy gear...

Kailas Trail Running Reflective Training Waist Bag For Phone

$21.00 USD
●Zippered main compartment for valuables and replenisher●Breathable mesh at back for ventilation●Materials: Nylon 66, Lycra, 4-way stretch fabric●Dimension: 28x9x3cm●Recommended Use: trail running, road running, training

Kailas Empty Lightweight Water-repellent Trekking Backpack Day Pack 24L

$122.00 USD
●Ease suspension system that features multi-layer foam and multiple air channels at back allows comfort and breathability. With the combination of chest and waist belts, it helps to distribute the...

Kailas Ridge III Lightweight Trekking Backpack 65+5L(With Rain Cover)

$228.00 USD
●Suspension System:1. LIFT suspension system allows length adjustment according to your torso length, optimizes fitting and distribute weight evenly2. Three levels of back adjustment allow length adjustment according to your...
Kailas Oval Straight Gate Carabiner

Kailas Oval Straight Gate Carabiner

$17.00 USD
●Solid and durable oval carabiner for a wide range of uses ●Symmetrical oval shape allows optimal loading of devices (pulleys,ascenders, mobile fall arresters, etc.)●Keylock “no-hook” nose prevents snagging when clipping...

KAILAS Clip-up IV Stick Clip Solid Ultralight Extendable Quickdraw Grabber Climbing Gear

$69.00 USD
The Clip-Up IV Stick Clip is a rope protection tool designed to connect and detach distant anchor points. It acts as an extension of your reach, helping you easily clip...

Kailas Cliff Quick-open Climbing Backpack 45L

$185.00 USD
●Recommended Use: Rock climbing, ice climbing, rescue, high-altitude operations ●Eco-friendly, durable PVC fabric, suitable for rock climbing and ice climbing●Quick-opening roll-top zipper design that allows easy access and quick retrieval...

Kailas Mystery III Unisex Lightweight Trekking Backpack Hiking Daypack 22L

$129.00 USD
Recommended use: 2-3 days trekking, camping●EASE-UL lightweight 3D cushioning systemWide back + physiological curve for gravity transfer and weight-bearing capacity. Hollow design for breathability and cool●Quick adjustment chest buckle system...

Kailas Rota Screw Gate Pulley Carabiner

$54.00 USD
●The Rota Screw Gate Carabiner with a pulley which largely reduces friction with the rope and can change the direction of the force exerted on the rope, well suited for...

Kailas Rota Twist-lock Triple-lock Pulley Carabiner

$56.00 USD
●Carabiner with a pulley which largely reduces friction with the rope and can change the direction of the force exerted on the rope. ●Twist-lock design (1-twist and 2-open) with auto-lock...

Kailas Summit PRO Trekking Mountaineering Backpack 65+10L(with Rain Cover)

$415.00 USD
●LIFT-CF Carbon Fiber Suspension System:1. High-performance carbon fiber molded suspension system for lightweight, high strength and strong support2. Three levels of back adjustment design for appropriate position3. Superior technological treatment...