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Kailas SPELEO Static 9mm Rope 100m/200m for cave exploring

$385.00 USD$750.00 USD
Recommended Use: caving/team building activities/fire/rescue Static rope specially designed for caving, features an optimal balance of durability and flexibility.●Easy to knot and manage●Lightweight and compactCertifications: CE0120 EN1891

Kailas Dynamic Sling 60/80/120CM

$12.00 USD$21.00 USD
10 mm high-strength Dyneema sling used for building and connecting to anchors. It is lightweight and has low water absorption, perfect for alpine climbing   Specs Certification: CE2008 EN566 Strength:...

Kailas MAC 30KN Magic Anchor Chain 90CM

$56.00 USD
Made of lightweight and strong Magic Loop in Dyneema Each loop is rated to 30KN and durable webbing rings without stitching for ease of use Length: 90CM; Weight: 53.5g The...

Kailas Aider 5 Climbing Rope

$30.00 USD
Made of high-strength sling of 17mm width The top of the aider has been reinforced and a loop is attached. The hardened aider maintains open, which makes it easy to...
Kailas Quick Aider Adjustable Etrier

Kailas Quick Aider Adjustable Etrier

$28.00 USD
Simply attach the sling to belay station,adjust the length with the buckle, and start making your climb.Features:●Buckle for quick and secure lengthadjustment.●Designed for aid climbing, it only bears weight but...

Kailas Etrier Climbing Rope

$47.00 USD
Lightweight & Compact: Weight: 162g; Dimensions (Length x Width): 55.1 inch x 0.7 inch / 140cm x 1.7cm. It can fold to a very small package, easy to carry around. Heavy-duty...

Kailas 25kN Climbing Adujustable Nylon Daisy Chain Sling with 12 Loops

$57.00 USD
●Daisy chain for anchor connection and rappelling in mountaineering and climbing●Can be used to connect quickdraws, provide cushioning, and carry equipment●Innovative woven process reduces its weight and increases its tensile...