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The weather in the mountain could be very changeable.
Ferocious winds; Raging blizzard; Burning sun……
To regulate your body temperature properly is of paramount importance.
But how?
3-layer Principle is there for help.
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What’s 3-layer Principle?

Base Layer, Middle Layer, Outer Layer

3-layer principle is a smart dressing method for a large number of outdoor sports and recreational activities. It can effectively keep you either warm or cool, dry, and comfortable in the varying weather conditions.

3-layer principle does not mean you should wear only three clothes. The point is that you should form 3 “layers” according to different functions of each layer so that you can easily handle the harsh weather. To put it simply, base layer for Transportation, middle layer for Insulation and outer layer for Protection.

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1. Base Layer - Transportation

Moisture-wicking, Quick-dry, Skin-friendly

Base layer is often worn next to skin because its responsible for wicking away moisture and transporting sweat vapor to the next layer so that your skin could stay dry, cool and comfortable. In cold environment, base layer can be leggings, thermal tops, functional long-sleeve, woolen clothes etc. In warm environment, it can be a functional, quick-dry and anti-bacterial T-shirt, or merely a vest.

Recommended products:

1. Recommended base layer - Cloud Functional T-shirt Men's

Cloud Functional T-shirt Men's 

2. Recommended base layer - Functional T-shirt Women's

Functional T-shirt Women's


 2. Middle Layer - Insulation

Warm, Breathable, Comfortable

The middle layer should not only traps heat firmly to maintain body temperature, but also be able to evaporate perspiration easily.

Lightweight down jackets, insulated jackets or fleece jackets will usually serve as the middle layer. Sometimes, middle layer could also be treated as outer layer in temperate climate, but please note that middle layer is often non-waterproof or non-windproof.

Recommended product:

3. Recommended middle layer - Mid-high Altitude Trekking Thermal Top Women's

Mid-high Altitude Trekking Thermal Top Women's


3. Outer Layer - Protection

Windproof, Waterproof, Wear-resistant, Breathable

For the outer layer, it should ensure easy body moves and provide enough protection from external influences. Therefore, it should have extraordinary performance in withstanding rain, snow, snow, scratch, friction, etc. Common types of outer layers include a hardshell jacket, or a waterproof down jacket.

Recommended product:

4. Recommended outer layer - Nebula II Trail Running Hardshell Jacket Men's

Nebula II Trail Running Hardshell Jacket Men's

5. Recommended outer layer - Nebula-Paclite 2.0 Hardshell Jacket Women's

Nebula-Paclite 2.0 Hardshell Jacket Women's



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