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For an experienced trail runner, mandatory equipment will never be strange words. But to green hands, mandatory equipment is new, yet crucial. Therefore, this article is going to introduce it generally.



The primary reason is SAFETY FIRST.

Mandatory gear is no joke for it can actually save your life. During your journey, especially for ultra trails, you need inevitably to stop your pace for maybe rest, for energy supply, or for any subjective and objective reasons. More seriously, there exists reasonable possibility of a runner in ultra runs becoming badly injured and/or even lost. These could happen to anybody, even the most experienced trail runner.

The changeable weather is another significant factor, such as baking sun, sudden rain, snow, wind and so on. In such situations, it is of paramount importance to have all the Mandatory Equipment.



First and foremost, with one thing in mind, all the trail running essentials are to make sure that you're comfortable and safe on your run – no matter how wild or far you are venturing.

1. Apparel

1-KAILAS trail running hardshell jacket

2-KAILAS trail running hardshell jacket

    • Breathable and waterproof pants
    • Thermal top and leggings


    Recommended T-shirt :

    (click the pictures to buy)



      Recommended Shorts:

      KAILAS Lightweight Trail Running Shorts Men's 1

      Lightweight Trail Running Shorts Men's

      Functional Shorts Men's

      Windbreak Functional Shorts Men's

      KAILAS Lightweight Trail Running Shorts Women's

      Lightweight Trail Running Shorts Women's

      2. Footwear

      FUGA Elite

      KAILAS FUGA Elite trail running shoes

      KAILAS FUGA DU trail running shoes

      FUGA EX

      KAILAS FUGA EX 2 trail running shoes

      FUGA PRO


      KAILAS FUGA Pro trail running shoes
      (Other FUGA series seen in the following chart)


      KAILAS FUGA Family (New)

      KAILAS Trail Running Socks


          3. Backpack

          • Waist bag (Short-distance running or training)
          KAILAS Trail Running Waist Bag-Black

              KAILAS trail running vest pack


                Choose a volume that suits your running distance and the equipment carried. The many open pockets will allow you to access your equipment without having to stop running. The zipped pockets can keep your valuables safe.

                4. Food & Drink

                • Energizing food (energy bar, energy gel, chocolate, electrolyte tablets, etc.)
                • Drinking water (According to your personal needs and the running distance)
                KAILAS 1.5L Hydration Bladder Dark Gray


                    5. Gears

                    • Trail running pole/Trekking pole (for a rugged road and technical route)
                    • Head-torches


                    6. Emergency

                    • Handheld or portable GPS device (all the tracks supplied by the organization should have been downloaded)
                    • Compass and altimeter
                    • Survival whistle (NOT ordinary whistle and check it before leave)
                    • Mobile phone (with the battery fully charged, and with international roaming option allowing for its use in the countries where you will run)
                    • Power bank (choose a portable and waterproof one)
                    • First-aid kit (Band-Aid, bandage, disinfectant, etc. for small injuries and minor infections)
                    • Survival blanket (1.4m x 2m minimum)


                    7. Accessories (Highly recommended)

                    KAILAS Trail Running visor
                    • Waterproof and breathable gloves
                    KAILAS Trail Running Gloves
                    KAILAS Arm Sleeve
                    KAILAS Trail running shoes gaiter

                    • 1 multi-use beaker, bowl and cutlery for eating in lifes bases
                    • Spare T-shirt, underwear, socks, etc.
                    • Sun-cream
                    • Sun-glasses
                    • Seal bags




                    Last but not least, just as its name shows, mandatory equipment is obligatory during your running.

                    However, it still depends on the actual situations because you know yourself best. Also, different trail running races would have different requirements. Please find their official websites and check the mandatory equipment lists before leaving to ensure that you are well equipped.

                    For further reassurance, some race organizations will also double-check your mandatory equipment at random intervals along the route.

                    So, again, Mandatory gear is no joke.

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