KAILAS continued partnership with Tor des Géants in year 2023

KAILAS continued partnership with Tor des Géants in year 2023

Kailas is delighted to announce its partnership with the renowned Tor des Géants trail running event as a Gold sponsor-backpack sponsor. This exciting collaboration is a natural step for Kailas, who appreciate the value of this incredible race and its devoted fans.

Tor des Géants is an ultra-trail running competition in the Aosta Valley region of the Italian Alps. With over 2000 runners participating, the race provides the ultimate challenge for trail runners seeking an adventure in the mountains, and this year Kailas will support the race by providing backpacks for Tor des Géants finishers.

Partnering with Tor des Géants is an important milestone for Kailas, as Kailas shares the same passion for the outdoors and adventure, and the race is the perfect platform to highlight our high-quality backpacks designed for trail running enthusiasts. Kailas backpacks are engineered with the latest technology and have a unique design that ensures the utmost comfort and protection for runners, with excellent performance in the toughest terrain.

At Kailas, we understand the importance of providing participants with reliable, comfortable and durable backpacks that can withstand the challenging terrain of the Tor des Géants race.

Kailas backpacks are known for the durability, comfort, and style. For instance, the FUGA AIR backpacks are equipped with ADF (All-round Dial Fit) system that ensure an ideal fit for all runners. Additionally, there’re plenty compartments that can accommodate all your essentials such as hydration packs, energy gels, salt tablets, jackets, and more. With Kailas FUGA AIR backpacks, runners can be confident that their gear will withstand the rigors of the terrain, climate, and other challenges that come with the Tor des Géants race.

Kailas has been supporting athletes and has built strong ties with the endurance community in global. 13 athletes from KAILAS FUGA Team, led by Franco Collé, the Three-time winner of the Tor des Géants, "the engineer of mountain running" who set a new race record (66h 43m 57s) in 2021, will represent Kailas to participate the race. Among the athlete team, we are delight to have Sange Sherpa, Giuditta Turini, Danilo Lantermino, Arrigoni Luca, Agnese Valz Gen, Martin Perrier, and more to join the race. All athletes have showcased their abilities in endurance sports, and they have been training specifically for this event.

Starting from March to August, under the lead of Franco Colle and collaborating with TORX Academy, we will initiate a project named KAILAS FUGA TRAINING Workshop. Hence, Franco will launch a series of trail running training activities around the terrains of Tor des Geants to help trail runners better understand their body condition and also better prepare for the race.


Kailas is excited and honored to have such accomplished athletes representing the brand. Kailas recognizes that competition is crucial to innovation, and this sponsorship aligns with the company's goal of providing gear that enhances athletes' performance in sport and inspires more people to take part in outdoor activities.

We are thrilled to be part of Tor des Géants and share our products with runners from all over the world. We hope that our partnership will inspire more people to embrace outdoor activities and to engage in healthy and adventurous lifestyles. Together with the Tor des Géants organizers, we strive to provide the best experience possible for all the participants, and we look forward to an exciting and successful event.



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