Kendal Mountain Festival and Kailas Present 'The Kailas Mountain Film Development Project'




MADE TO CLIMB is the brand slogan of KAILAS. KAILAS designs and manufactures professional garments and equipment with one thing in mind—to provide every climber with security and comfort in the most extreme environments. Since establishment, the social responsibility of KAILAS has always been to facilitate the development of climbing and adventure sports around the world.

Among the pivotal mountain-promoting events, the Unclimbed Peak Project is one of the most significant one. Since 2006, KAILAS has supported climbers to explore and attempt unclimbed mountains, including pioneering new, challenging routes. To date, we have reached the summit of 43 peaks, either unclimbed or by a new route. Of these, 20 are over 5000 meters high, six are over 6000 meters high, two are over 7000 meters high, and one is a new route on an 8000-meter peak.



This time, KAILAS has the privilege of collaborating with KENDAL Mountain Festival to present 'The Kailas Mountain Film Development Project', which aims to further rekindle the curiosity and passion of people for mountain sports, and to bring more spectacular mountains and fascinating outdoor stories to the world!

For the development of both mountain sports and outdoor photography, The Kailas Mountain Film Development Project would have great significance. It not only provides an international communication platform for mountain sports enthusiasts, outdoor talents, mountain video producers, cinematographers, and editors, but also gathers and supports excellent mountain video works at home and abroad.

We are delighted to invite filmmakers across the globe to apply for up to £20,000 for a new film commissioning project in partnership with KAILAS.


Application Time:

  • between November, 2022 to February 28th, 2023.



  • 300 words outlining the proposed story
  • 200 words on the intended audience of the film
  • 200 words on any key challenges you will face
  • A PDF containing the bios of your production team, a production and location schedule and a completed budget.



Your application will be assessed against the following criteria;

  • The strengths of the proposal
  • The strengths of the project team
  • The logistical preparation of the project
  • The potential of the narrative to express ‘Mountain Spirit’


Successful Applications

If your application is successful, you will be made an offer of funding.

You will need to provide a final budget, production schedule and shooting dates, and a confirmed specification for your film, prior to us sending you the offer of funding. This will constitute the agreed criteria against which the project will be delivered.


To apply now, or to get more application information:



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