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The Year of the Tiger happens every 12 years. In Eastern astrology, the Year of the Tiger is a time for adventure, change, and even taking risks. People born in the Year of the Tiger are thought to be naturally courageous, ambitious, and competitive.
This symbolic meaning essentially chimes in with KAILAS brand value, which is courage, passion, explore, and achieve. Therefore, in 2022, KAILAS has launched another new trail running shoes, FUGA Pro 4 , to help pursue every dream of adventure.


2. FUGA-Pro4-trail running shoes


1.  Vibram Megagrip Outsole


Compared with regular rubber outsoles, Vibram Megagrip Outsole provides stronger grip on even a steeper slope. 


Vibram Megagrip Outsole is also an all-rounder


On both dry, wet, and mixed terrains, like craggy mountains, forest trails, gritty soil, etc., it can offer an incompatible combination of grip and durability.


3. FUGA-Pro4-trail running shoes-Vibram Megagrip Outsole 


2.  Unique Lugs


Inspired by the off-road vehicle, KAILAS Team has re-designed the lugs and divided the outsole into three areas, Anti-sideslip area, Accelerating area, Braking area.


These areas not only provide aggressive propulsion but also improve the decelerating ability of FUGA Pro 4.


When it comes to the muddy road, the gaps between lugs will be filled with mud, which may cause skidding easily.


To address such a problem, polished technique is applied to the outsole to make scraping the mud off much easier.


4. FUGA-Pro4-trail running shoes-Unique Lugs



3.  Vibram Litebase Technology


Lightness is fundamental to conserving energy and improving your race performance. 


Vibram Litebase reduces 30% of the overall sole weight via reducing the sole thickness by 50%, while maintaining quality in grip, traction, and durability. 


With the weight lighter, you are able to run faster.


5. FUGA-Pro4-trail running shoes-Vibram Litebase Technology



4.  ECCEVAI Dual-density Midsole  


The midsole of FUGA Pro 4 consists of two parts. 


The upper part is well-cushioned and responsive, reducing the impact on your feet and enhancing propulsion.


The lower part is stable, providing stronger support


6. FUGA-Pro4-trail running shoes-ECCEVAI Dual-density Midsole



5.  Updated AWS System


Ergonomically designed and independently developed by KAILAS, AWS 3.0 is a two-section tightening system.


Being different from its predecessor, AWS (Adjust Whole Sole) System 3.0 has one more foot-holder buckle.


 The front buckle helps to avoid toe hurt on a downhill and the second buckle provides stronger wrapping and stability.


7. FUGA-Pro4-trail running shoes-Updated AWS System


6.  More Details


9. FUGA-Pro4-trail running shoes-DETAILS


Now, FUGA Pro 4 is available on KAILAS website in three color, Flame Red, Hawaii Blue, and Electric Blue.
Brilliant colors contribute to your brilliant performance. 
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