KAILAS Clip-up IV Stick Clip Solid Ultralight Extendable Quickdraw Grabber Climbing Gear

$69.00 USD

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The Clip-Up IV Stick Clip is a rope protection tool designed to connect and detach distant anchor points. It acts as an extension of your reach, helping you easily clip into quickdraws and ropes. Even when encountering a hard-to-reach protection point in your climbing, this device allows for a secure connection to create a safe anchor point.

●Innovative and patented Spring Ball Mechanism (Patent No.: 2021111488767) promises quick detachment and change of the head. The pole can be used with different heads according to different needs. Also, the Spring Ball Mechanism prevents the head from rotating and loosening, making it attached firmly to the pole
●Extendable aluminum alloy construction with a rotatable pole body for locking:
lightweight and easy-to-carry
●Quickdraw Mode: fix a quickdraw into the fork head, keep the gate open, then clip the quickdraw into hanger
●Carabiner Mode: fix a carabiner into the fork head, keep the gate open, then clip the
carabiner into hanger
●Rope Mode: via a fork head, rope can go over something that is out of reach and keep you safe
●Climbing Brush Mode: Made of stiff bristle, the climbing brush helps to clean rocks and stones, easily and efficiently, for better friction
●The patented Double-threaded Screw Mechanism (Patent No.: 2021223821713) helps to double the length of the pole
●Dimensions: 5 sections
●Length: 53cm-245cm
●Weight: 360g
●Recommended Use: mountaineering / rock climbing / rescue / high-altitude work