Kailas Low-Cut Lightweight Hiking Shoes Women's

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Equipped with VIBRAM MEGAGRIP wetland slip-resistant formula and ultra-clear continuous resilience technology, providing strong grip and comfortable cushioning support. With rugged terrain and changing conditions, ensures a seamless exploration experience, providing stable protection for challenging long-distance hikes, such as the Rock Line.

●The VIBRAM MEGAGRIP wetland slip-resistant rubber sole offers excellent slip resistance and durability for all-terrain exploration.
●The ECCEVAI cushioning midsole with long-lasting resilience effectively mitigates ground impact and relieves foot pressure, making it ideal for long-distance walking.
●Enjoy a lightweight and comfortable feel, enhanced with upgraded cooling technology that provides superior protection and agility
●Adopting breathable and finely woven engineering mesh fabric, together with a TPU support frame, the shoes guarantee optimal support, wrap, and enriched bevel design.
●Anti-collision design with front and rear lining on the toe and heel.
●KORT moisture-wicking insole with antibacterial and deodorization properties.

●Material: Fabric + TPU + Synthetic leather
●Weight: 262g (EUR 37)

Footsteps of Rock :The Rock Line is the most iconic hiking route in Joseph Rock's exploration, and the term "Shangri-La" originated from it. In March 1928, Rock led an expedition team comprising members of the Naxi and Tibetan ethnic groups to complete a months-long trek through the route from Muli to Daocheng, Yading, and deep into the Gongga Mountains, circumventing three sacred mountains (Xianrenjiao, Yangmaiyong, and Xanadu) en route. The adventure novel "The Lost Horizon," inspired by this experience, became famous overnight, sparking a global craze for "finding Shangri-La." To this date, the vehicle-inaccessible paradise known as "Shangri-La" can only be crossed on foot, along the Rock Line.

Discover the allure of the Rock Line, the quintessentially renowned Joseph Rock's hike. Venture through the breathtaking route that embodies the true essence of exploring the great outdoors. Tracing from Muli, Daocheng, Yading and delving deep into the magnificent Gongga Mountains, the Rock Line is a unique escapade through three sacred mountains (Xianrenjiao, Yangmaiyong, and Xanadu). Unleash your adventurous spirit and experience the unparalleled sensation of trekking across the stunningly inaccessible Shangri-La, overcoming obstacles and discovering the hidden treasures of this marvelous trail.