Kailas Zippey Pulley

$159.00 USD
SKU: EP203,10005

Color: Sky Blue

Sky Blue

Zippey Pulley with sealed ball bearings for higher efficiency, ideal for adventure park, ziplining and rescue


  • Openable gate allows easy installation/removal of ropes and cables
  • Hook on either side allows easy connection to lanyards
  • Sealed ball bearings for smoother rotation, large load-bearing capacity and higher efficiency
  • Stainless steel wheel can work with cables


  • Dimensions: 122 × 170 × 30 mm
  • Max. load: 20 kN
  • Work load: 5 kN
  • Materials:
Side plate: aluminum alloy
Sheave: stainless steel
Bearing/axle: steel
  • Pulley Dia.: 28mm
  • Weight: 418 g
  • Recommended Use: ziplining/team building activities/fire/rescue/industry