Post-2021 UTMB Interview with Scotty Hawker, second-placer in CCC 2021 | Kailas Athletes

Post-2021 UTMB Interview with Scotty Hawker, second-placer in CCC 2021 | Kailas Athletes

The 2021 CCC race started at 9 a.m. and the top runners finished the 100 km race later that same day. The course runs from Courmayeur, Italy, through Champex, Switzerland and to Chamonix, France, with an elevation gain of 6,100 m.

Scotty Hawker, the third-place winner in UTMB 2019, won the second place in CCC, UTMB 2021 in an emotional 10:47 finish after a severe ankle injury by the end of 2020. After the race, Scotty spared time to share with us his experience in CCC this year.

 Scotty Hawker at the finish line in CCC UTMB 2021

Photo by Donatello Rota


Kailas: What does UTMB mean to you?

Scotty: The UTMB and the CCC are the biggest races in the world. It’s always the focus of the race season to be on the start line of one of these races. It’s the biggest platform and arena for me to perform in and I love the ambiance and atmosphere of these races. I also love the competition and that the competition brings out the best in me personally.


Kailas: Congrats on your winning the second place in CCC! You cried when crossing the finish line. How did you feel at that moment?

Scotty: There was a lot of emotion this year for me for a few reasons. I was so happy to finish this race in second place after I injured my ankle at the end of 2020. I was also a little emotional because the last time I crossed the finish line here in 3rd place at the UTMB in 2019 I was with my daughter.


Kailas: Compared with UTMB, what do you think of CCC?

Scotty: The CCC this year was a higher level of competition than the UTMB based on the athletes and their rankings. The CCC is a much higher intensity race and much faster overall.


Kailas: Can you share with us your experience in CCC?

Scotty: I tried to be patient from the beginning. The pace early on was so fast so I held back a little but I wanted to stay close to the top 10. At about 35km into the race I decided to let the group go that I was with because I thought they were running too fast. This was the best decision I made because by 58km into the race some of them had already pulled out and DNF’d.


Kailas: How did you train and prepare for CCC this year?

Scotty: I only started running again after my ankle injury in May. It was a really short build-up but by July I was starting to feel better. Overall I averaged about 80km per week with a lot of elevation gain in the mountains. On long runs I always train with race day nutrition, sushi rice balls, mashed potato, gels, sports drinks and chews.


Kailas: Can you introduce what gear you chose for CCC this year?

Scotty: I used the Fuga Pro 3 shoes. For me, these are the perfect shoes for the CCC or UTMB.

 Scotty Hawker in CCC UTMB 2021

Photo by iancorlessphotography


Kailas: What Kailas products did you use in CCC this year? What’s your feedback on them during CCC?

Scotty: The shoes were perfect as usual!! My feet were happy all day and no blisters!!


Kailas: Do you have any tips to share with the runners participating in CCC?

Scotty: You need to arrive in Champex-Lac feeling strong and like the race is only beginning. Start easier than you think because it always gets so hot later in the morning!


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